by UserTesting

Embed and watch UserTesting customer insight videos in your Miro boards with the UserTesting integration. Bring customer feedback into your ideation and collaboration process to ensure that everyone is on the same page on customer needs.

Sharing is as easy as copying the link to your video content from UserTesting, and pasting the link into your Miro. With the UserTesting integration, you can view unfurled link content such as your video title, and watch the video together with your teammates from Miro.

Key Features:

  • Embed UserTesting research videos into Miro
  • Play the videos on the board
  • Videos are not embedded on public boards

How to Connect:

  • Open the UserTesting clip, highlight reel, or session video that you’d like to embed.
  • Select the “...” icon next to the clip to open the share modal.
  • Select Copy link.
  • Open a new or existing Miro board.
  • Paste the UserTesting URL where you’d like to embed your clip, highlight reel, or video.
  • Click “Connect”, and log in to your UserTesting platform.
  • Click Allow Access when prompted.
  • Upon successful authentication, you’ll see a video preview and additional information, including video title and description.

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