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Create a more simplified digital fashion workflow with Miro's Stylezone integration. This will enable your teams to communicate and make changes through one unified platform by utilizing Miro's virtual collaborative whiteboard. Whether you are working on creating unique designs or building an entire collection, this seamless integration enables you to visualize the bigger picture of the garment validation process. In doing so, it will eliminate the need to move back and forth between apps.

Key Features:

  • Gather your inspirations, creations, and styles seamlessly onto one unified platform.
  • Collaborate continuously and review ongoing changes to keep all relevant stakeholders in the loop/ to stay on top of the collection process.
  • Drag different styles directly from Stylezone onto your Miro board.
  • Define the metadata that the user would like to add to the design, for example, which season, category, and department, according to each user's status and needs.
  • Any update made in Stylezone will be automatically updated within your Miro board.
  • Update a style’s status and create annotations directly in Miro. All changes will be automatically updated in Stylezone

How to Connect:

Install the app from the "Get app" button and launch it directly from the Miro app toolbar.

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Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to


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