With Miro for Webex, add live collaborative Miro boards as tabs in Webex Messaging to capture ideas together with your team without toggling between apps. Access existing boards or create a new one for you and your Webex team with the right access settings so you can collaborate continuously anytime, anywhere, right from Webex Messaging.

Key Features:

  • Embed an existing Miro board or create a new one as a new tab in your Webex team space. Add multiple Miro board tabs to a single team space to align across several projects.
  • Embedded boards are live, so you or anyone with appropriate permissions can interact with it right from within your Webex team space.
  • Set appropriate access settings as you embed boards within Webex Messaging. You can make the embedded board available for viewing and commenting by guests who do not have a Miro profile, or have the board adopt the settings that have already been set in Miro.
  • Access Miro in your Webex Messaging across devices and locations from phone to tablet to desktop.

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