Timeline Builder

Timeline Builder

Timeline Builder

by Miro

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Set clear direction for your team by creating an ordered visual overview of the work that needs to be done, and when. To remove the hassle of manually creating a timeline, simply play with a few settings, like timeframe and interval, and let the builder do the creation work.

How Timeline Builder can help your workflow:

- Whether you’re doing a weekly team planning, quarterly roadmaps, or yearly strategic planning, with the Timeline Builder you can choose the interval that makes sense for the situation

- Drop any object, including sticky notes, shapes, and images, on the timeline to map out the events and tasks

- Keep things organized by adding swimlanes to show different streams of work

- Choose from a variety of color palettes, vertical or horizontal orientation, and alternate column shading, to make your timeline stylish and easy-to-read

Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to

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