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Randomizer will help everyone who needs some random elements like card or dice in Miro.
You may use it to facilitate any kind of workshop, or just for fun with friends to play card, board or role-playing games.

Facilitators: Pick a random person when having stick notes per participant. Or select the following topic from your board randomly. Play games with any card; draw from a hidden deck.

Board-, Card- or Roleplaying Gamers:
Build a deck of cards and let the Randomizer shuffle it for you. Use Randomizer to draw a random card from your deck or your hand.
Roll the dice with your favorite color and size.

Key Features

  • Roll dice:

Roll different sized dice (D4, D6, D8, D10 or D20) by dragging them to the board. Different colors and dimensions of dice can be configured.

  • Remove dice:

Clean the board from all dice with one click

  • Shuffle cards/elements

Select elements and shuffle them from front to back.
Hide the upcoming card from your deck with a cover card.

  • Pick one card/element from many:

Select elements and let the Randomizer pick one for you.

How to Connect

Load the App from the Miro Marketplace. When open in Miro, start rolling your dice by dragging them to the board or shuffling your selected elements with the appropriated button.
Please note the icons to get further help or to configure the app to your needs.

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