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PowerPack supercharges your Miro abilities with countless powertool combinations- helping you auto-generate, bulk-fill, sort, size, color and arrange items, and more. Join PowerPack on its mission to save a billion Miro clicks, while amplifying your Miro creativity, productivity and enjoyment. 

With just a few clicks you can make a full rainbow of sticky notes, fill them with the months of the year and arrange them in a circle. Or use the lorem-ipsum generator to fill in web mockups, use the series tool before a workshop to number stickies 1 - 100. With PowerPack you can fill many items with a word or phrase or clear them of text entirely. You can sort items by color, size or type.

Key Features:

  • Text Tools: Insert sample text. Lorem ipsum, Date & Time, Split text into separate items, clear or fill many Items at once
  • Jargon generator: Create entertaining random jargon from the fields of: Business, Tech, NGO, UX / Design Thinking
  • Series: Add a list of commonly used series to your board like: Alphabets, hours, days, months, number sequences
  • Geometry: explicitly adjust scale, position and location of many items; Arrange Items in a circle; Aim (rotate) items at a target
  • Order: Organize items on your board by size, color, text or type.
  • Colors: Color palettes: save important and useful color palettes with unlimited colors. Gradients: ...because so much is on a spectrum, right? Create spectrums of colors with unlimited color stops.

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