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Drawify Images

Drawify Images

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Choose from nearly 1,000 free, unique, high-quality hand-drawn images to create engaging boards with a human touch. You can use these images in a variety of ways, help your participants collaborate and express themselves in a fun and visual way.

Key Features:

  • All images are free for you to use in any way, under creative commons license
  • Unique, characterful, and quirky figures, faces and objects to bring your boards to life.
  • Frames, arrows, and backgrounds to enhance your Miro elements.

How to Connect:

Install the app from the "Add more apps" button and launch it directly from the Miro app toolbar.

Boost Your Board’s Engagement Levels Even More with a Drawify Account

  • Create a Drawify account, and unlock over 20,000 images!
  • Access all your favorited images right from within the Drawify Miro App
  • Use the Drawify platform to compose your visual storytelling creations as projects, and then bring your projects into Miro from within the Drawify Miro App
  • Get inspired and work faster with Drawify templates for loads of collaborative work topics, including strategy, planning, and UX design

Already have a Drawify account?

Sign in from within the Drawify Miro app, or sign in via the Drawify website, and you’ll be brought back to your Miro dashboard.

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