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CoMADO is a web-based remote field research tool that lets design researchers observe participants through video conference-style sessions. While a presenter shares a live camera stream, others can point at interesting objects or leave comments. This Miro plugin automatically loads those interactions on your board as organized timelines with screenshots and stickies, which can also be browsed in the sidebar, making it easy to review the results.

Key Features:

  • Sign up using a Google account for free, and create a new room where you’ll host a research session. (Miro’s desktop app is not supported) 
  • Keep the board open during a session. The plugin automatically renders user interactions in real-time as screenshots and sticky notes on neat timelines. ) 
  • Search and filter the records within the sidebar to better understand what the participants have noticed. (No sign-in required)

How to Connect:

Once installed the plugin, click CoMADO on the app list to open the sidebar, then sign up with your Google account to get started. You can manage all your rooms on our website, where you can also create a new room with a Miro board connected.

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Required permissions

  • Read and modify boards users have access to
  • Users
    Read profile information for current user
  • Read current team information
    • Current team title


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