Card Flip

When writing on a real sticky note is not unusual to have the need of using the back of the card to take extra notes. With Flip Stick Notes plugin you can have the same effect in a very simple way.

Key Features:

  • Simulates the flip of a card (Sticky Note).
  • Allows you to use the back of a sticky note to jot something you won’t need to be visible all the time.
  • Shows the back of the sticky note with just one click.

Use cases:

  • Create your own card deck to play any card game you want.
  • Jot notes in the back of a card to read later.
  • Hide additional info and make it visible only when appropriated for your dynamic.
  • Group both objects (front and back of the card) and drag it freely across the board.

How to enable:

  • After installing the plugin, just click on the icon and a new sticky note will be created automatically. Now you can drag the sticky note to notice that there is a new square shape behind the sticky note that simulates the back of the card. What the plugin does is alternate the shapes by moving the sticky note back and forth, and with that, it gives the feeling that the card has two sides. Cool, huh? Remember that you can group both objects to be able to drag the Sticky Note across the board and keep the flipping effect.


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