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  • Users< 100 is a data synchronization platform, where you can automate, analyze and manage all your business data in one space. With our system, you can create many automations with Miro. Including "create, update, get, list board" scenarios, and many others. All scenarios help you with processes that you would otherwise have to set up yourself. This saves you time and allows you to take your work to the next level.

Key Features:

  • 1800 + integrations
  • Unlimited automations
  • No-code database
  • Custom branding
  • Data consolidation
  • Custom tags and labels
  • Synchronization of contacts

How to Connect:

  • In system click on integrations and open Integrator
  • In Integrator create a new scenario
  • Find Miro and click on one of the scenarios you want to use
  • Add a connection and simply connect to your app

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  • Read and modify boards users have access to
  • Users
    Read and modify users’ profile information
  • Use your microphone
  • Record your screen and audio
  • Read and modify team information
    • Current team title
    • Invite users
    • Change user's role
  • Use your camera

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Data synchronization made easy.


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