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Miro for Webex

Miro for Webex

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Collaborate with Miro across your entire Webex App suite, from Meetings to Messaging. Launch boards during live Webex Meetings and work in real time with your team, or access Miro on your own any time with the Miro for Webex Messaging integration.

Key Features:

  • Miro for Webex Meetings: Open new or existing Miro boards during Webex Meetings to co-create, brainstorm, and collaborate together with your team in real time. Unregistered users or those not logged into Miro can collaborate easily as visitors in Webex Meetings.
  • Miro for Webex Messaging: Add live collaborative Miro boards as tabs in Webex team spaces to capture ideas together with your team without toggling between apps. Access existing boards or create a new one for you and your team with the right access settings. Unregistered users or those not logged in can collaborate easily as visitors in Miro in the Webex tab.

More Information:

  • Miro is available by default for all Webex plans and users, unless Webex apps are turned off by the admin.
  • Set appropriate access settings (view, edit, comment or Private) as you embed boards within the Webex.
  • Embedded boards are live, so you or anyone with appropriate permissions can interact with them right from within the Webex.
  • Access Miro for Webex across all your devices and locations from phone to tablet to desktop.

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