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Video Clipper

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Upload recordings, generate transcriptions, and create playable clips right on the board.

Redefine your experience with a simple, time-saving video clipping app. A must-have for user interviews, recorded meetings, and video-inclusive brainstorming, now you can gain insights from videos without leaving Miro.

*The app is currently in a beta period, during this period all users can upload up to 24 hours of recordings for free.


Key Features

  • Upload your own .mp4 files
  • Easily generate high-quality automated transcriptions
  • Create clips as quickly as highlighting text
  • Share videos that everyone can play from the board
  • Upload up to 24 hours of recordings for free during beta period




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What's New

V1.03 - 2023-10-11

  • Upload and play full mp4 videos directly in your Miro board.
  • Improved UI for generated clips - now created onto Miro frames, ready to add to your presentations.

V1.02 - 2023-08-08

    • Added the ability to delete uploaded recordings and clips.



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