Truto helps build a Miro native integration in minutes with a unified API.

Engineering teams often invest significant time in developing and maintaining native integrations. This time could be more effectively spent on enhancing the core product. The challenges include dealing with disparate APIs, numerous OAuth complexities, and the potential for poor customer experiences when underlying APIs change.

Truto addresses these challenges by offering a unified API, simplifying the process of building native integrations. With Truto, integrating with Miro and other popular apps becomes as easy as toggling switches, allowing your customers to enjoy seamless native integrations.

Moreover, Truto aids sales teams in closing more deals, assists CXOs in managing costs efficiently, and enables product and engineering managers to focus valuable engineering resources on the core product.

Key Features:

  • Real-time: Truto helps fetch data in real-time at any time without you having to worry about jobs running at intervals. Your customer's data is not stored on the Truto platform.
  • Drop-in UI: Your customers integrate Miro with your product with our pre-built drop-in UI.
  • Perform all CRUD operations: Perform all CRUD operations across all endpoints provided by the Miro API.
  • One data model: Weave data from Miro together with other apps you use to build powerful features for your customers. Use one data model and one pagination format across all apps you integrate.
  • Developer experience. With robust documentation, intuitive UI and SDKs in all popular languages, developers love to use Truto.
  • Maintenance: We keep up with changes in the Miro API so you are always using the latest version without having to spend any time or developer effort on maintenance.

How to Connect:

  • Sign in to your Truto account
  • Go to Integrations > Available
  • Find the Miro integration and click on 'Install'

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About the developer


North America

Truto was founded by Nachi Raman and Roopendra Talekar to make building integrations painless for developers. With a combined experience of 15 years in the SaaS industry, they understood that this problem needed solving and that there was a gap to be filled.


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