TeamForm is a SaaS application that helps leaders to plan, form and manage cross-functional teams within an organisation. The TeamForm Miro plugin allows TeamForm users involved in workforce planning to visualise and design their target state organisational structure via the use of predefined team, service and interaction models as Miro shapes, and contextual tags. Changes to the organisational structure made in Miro are persisted back in TeamForm.

Key Features and Use Cases:

  • Host team discovery sessions powered by the data from TeamForm and the collaborative toolset of Miro.
  • Search for your TeamForm teams and drag them onto Miro boards. Build up your organisation hierarchy on a Miro board.
  • Select a team on a board to display extra information about the team in the side panel.
  • Tag your team with extra information using the side panel to change the style of your team’s shape on the board. Tag changes are persisted back to TeamForm.
  • Select two teams and link them together via a sidebar action. A shape representing the interaction between the teams is drawn and also persisted back to TeamForm.

Installation and User Guide:

  • Once the plugin is enabled you can log in to an existing TeamForm account or create a new account.
  • Drag teams onto the board. Select a single team to access team functionality in the sidebar. Select two teams to set up an interaction between them.

How to enable:

  • After installing the plugin, just click on the icon and a new sticky note will be created automatically. Now you can drag the sticky note to notice that there is a new square shape behind the sticky note that simulates the back of the card. What the plugin does is alternate the shapes by moving the sticky note back and forth, and with that, it gives the feeling that the card has two sides. Cool, huh? Remember that you can group both objects to be able to drag the Sticky Note across the board and keep the flipping effect.


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