SpatialChat is the ultimate video platform for transformative online meetings and e-learning. With advanced features and intuitive interface, it elevates virtual communication to new heights. Experience the power of proximity audio, multiplied content sharing, and real-time chat, creating engaging online meetings, classes, networking sessions, etc. Connect, collaborate, and immerse in a virtual space to enhance your online gatherings!

Key Features:

  • Incorporate live Miro boards into SpatialChat to boost collaboration and create a shared space for teammates to participate and gather around the board
  • The Miro integration is only available in Breakout rooms in SpatialChat

How to Connect:

  • To add your Miro board to SpatialChat, go to the bottom bar of any room and click on the "Add content" button
  • Detailed setup instructions

Basic SpatialChat Cases: E-learning; Online/hybrid events; Remote/hybrid work; Online/hybrid education

SpatialChat Features:

  • Group and divide with Proximity audio
  • Virtual backgrounds and Noise cancelation
  • AES-256 encrypted video
  • GDPR and SOC-2 Type-2 compliant
  • Admin dashboard
  • Space customization & templates
  • Multiple content sharing
  • Miro & Google Docs integration
  • Added file (image, GIFs, PDF, videos, etc.)
  • Emoji reaction and Comments
  • Chat and Direct Messages
  • Sessions Recording

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