Miro for Sketch

Miro for Sketch

Miro for Sketch

by Miro

Miro plugin for Sketch enables an easy and quick way to get images from Sketch right to the board. Send your artboards to Miro and easily update them in one click. Sync all your images whenever you make a change without uploading them again.

How to Embed:

  • Download the Sketch plugin from GitHub: follow this link > Code > Download ZIP
  • Extract the contents of the zip archive > double-click the RealtimeBoard.sketchplugin bundle to install the plugin.
  • To switch it on, open Sketch, go to Plugins > Manage plugins and tick the box Miro by Miro.
  • After that, you need to authenticate with your Miro account. To do this, click Plugins - Miro: Log into Miro, Log out of Miro.
  • Type in your email and password or click Use company credentials if SSO is enabled for your account.
  • To add a Sketch artboard to Miro, go to Plugins: Miro - Sync all artboards with Miro.
  • Select a board by a) clicking one of the suggestions in the dropdown or b) typing in the name of the board. After that click to add all or selected artboards. Tick the box if you want to open Miro after sync.
  • Click Sync and the artboards will appear on your board.

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