by RemoteHQ

RemoteHQ is your team's virtual workplace. It is a collaboration hub for your team's digital tools, content and communications. 

Teams that use RemoteHQ can launch and access live Miro boards directly from within their virtual rooms. Product managers, engineers, designers, marketers and other visual collaborators can now access a richer tool to co-create within the same digital workspace.

Key Features:

  • Anyone can launch Miro in a tile within any RemoteHQ room, even if they don’t have a Miro account (Note: For users without a Miro account, all the work will be saved for future viewing once you’ve created a Miro account)
  • Choose any Miro templates (i.e. Product Roadmap templates) and immediately start brainstorming, while keeping your video calls and chat ongoing
  • Seamlessly collaborate in Miro and communicate with your team on video, all in one browser tab

Get started by creating a free account at RemoteHQ and accessing Miro through the app collection in your team workspace.

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Required permissions

  • Read boards you have access to


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