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Remo Conference

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Remo Conference is a live online events platform that creates interactive online experiences that rival live, in-person events. Remo for Miro enables users to use Miro boards to organize collaborative and creative work. With the help of different tables (room/group), users can turn on Miro and work together in small groups or create one board for all event participants. Combining Remo’s virtual space with Miro empowers people to form authentic relationships and interact in an integrated environment.

Key features and use cases:

If you use Remo to organize your online events, here’s how you can make most of your Miro whiteboard experience. Don’t worry, ALL of Miro’s features are supported within Remo.

  • For online meetings and virtual offices: Brainstorm and collaborate with participants by using Miro’s brainstorming and retrospective tool template. With the help of Remo’s video and call feature, you can discuss and generate ideas in real time by using digital sticky notes, diagrams and live cursor tracking to interact with your team.
  • For virtual expos: Having company booths at your next virtual expo? Remo’s private table feature along with Miro’s easy-to-use canvas, pre-built UX, and wireframing templates will take company branding to a whole new level.
  • For online education, workshops and interactive webinars: With Remo, you can put participants into small groups, where they can use Miro to collaborate in a creative way. They can create and present presentations, draw diagrams, use stickies, emoji reactions and voting which can help improve interactivity.
  • For speed networking: Help your audience create meaningful connections through small table conversations and whiteboarding. With Miro’s icebreaker template, you can make participants feel more comfortable, warm up the conversation and build trust.

How to enable instructions:

Remo is a web-application and Miro is embedded inside Remo. When you join a Remo event, you are placed in a table. Each table can have its own board or work one event-wide whiteboard. Press Whiteboard and you will start working with a new board. Your table mates will receive a notification to join you.

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