Quolum enables Finance and IT departments to aggregate spend from various SaaS subscription services to better plan and forecast their usage in order to reduce voluntary and involuntary churn.

With this information, organizations can boost productivity at unprecedented levels, and their adoption continues to remain unparalleled in the enterprise. Organizations can spend confidently without worrying about out of control expenditure.

Using Miro with Quolum would provide the customers with data such as board modifications, created boards and owned boards that will help them to do various analysis.

Key Features:

  • Finance and IT departments can aggregate, and visualize SaaS Spend and usage
  • View Miro data such as board modifications, created boards and owned boards

How to Connect:

  • Go to the Apps section in your Quolum Portal.
  • Search for Miro & click on the Connect button.
  • This will take you to an OAuth Page where you can find more details about information sharing.
  • Once you accept, you will be connected with Miro.

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We are SaaS Management. We increase spend compliance and reduce security threats. Our extensive integration with 100+ SaaS apps, including accounting and identity and access systems, enables you to uncover underused seats and identify compromised security postures. Companies such as Doola, Evabot, and Cred have experienced substantial savings and reduced SaaS sprawl by using Quolum.


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