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Productiv is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform designed to help you get the most out of every SaaS application across your organization. The Productiv platform integrates with multiple data sources, including a 20,000+ app catalog, to provide a 360-degree, real-time view of your full SaaS portfolio. All insights are driven by Productiv’s advanced analytics engine.

Productiv has partnered with Miro to provide greater visibility into how teams are leveraging the platform for new collaboration practices. Productiv provides real-time visibility into application usage, down to the team and feature levels.

Key Features:

  • Real-time insights into Miro usage at a user or team level using your HR data
  • User-based analysis of logins/views, Miro boards, projects, and templates
  • Streamlined license management

How to Install:

Step 1: Account Creation

  • If you don't already have one, create a service account and a team on Miro and make your account a Miro administrator. For steps on how to create a Miro admin, refer to the subtopic 'Make a user a product admin' at miro admin rights.

Step 2: Approve app

  • Add Miro Connector App with clientId - 3074457356897098666 in your Approved apps list by navigating to the Approved apps page
  • Click on Connect an app under Engagement apps

  • Click on APPROVE

Step 3: Enable connector in Productiv

  • Log in to Productiv and navigate to App Settings.
  • Click on Connect an app under Engagement apps

  • Click on Add New App and choose Miro from the menu of apps.

  • After selecting Miro, give a unique name to this Miro instance, and click Authorize.

Step 4: Login to your Miro instance

  • When prompted, sign in to an account with the Admin (preferably service admin account, to avoid ex-employee invalidation) for all your teams on this Miro instance, and grant Productiv access to your instance.

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* Note that any information provided by a third party application provider, including pricing and payment details as applicable, is subject to change and should be verified with the provider.


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We bring the power of data to productivity by rethinking the way you procure, manage and renew software. Productiv’s Spend Management Platform is now the only place teams can put data to work and have it really work for you. Align around accessible, trusted data from your most important systems, get AI powered insights, collaborate, make smarter decisions, and have confidence in every investment, at scale.


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