Productboard (Miro Embed)

Productboard (Miro Embed)

Productboard (Miro Embed)

by Productboard

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Product teams rely on Miro to brainstorm customer journeys and product visions, and rely on Productboard to get the right products to market faster. With important content housed across both tools, it can be hard for teams to have complete context on a product initiative or feature where they’re working. Now, teams can easily embed their Miro content directly into Productboard, to ensure everyone has up-to-date information and background needed to stay in-sync and execute product plans with ease.

Key Features:

  • Embed live Miro boards in the Productboard Feature Descriptions, Roadmap Objectives, or Notes Editor
  • Expand to view board in fullscreen
  • Easily access board in Miro via a direct link
  • View private boards via OAuth login
  • The board can only be viewed from the Productboard Editor - editing is only possible from the orginal Miro board

How to Connect:

  • Open the Miro board you want to embed into Productboard
  • Select the Share button in the toolbar
  • Update the board sharing permissions to determine who can view the embed in Productboard
  • Select copy board link
  • In Productboard, open the Editor where you would like to embed Miro
  • Paste the Miro board URL in the Editor text field
  • Depending on the board’s sharing permissions, users will either immediately be able to view the Miro board or follow the OAuth workflow to log into Miro before they can view the board
  • Select the Expand icon (upper right corner of the Editor) to view the Miro board in fullscreen

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