Map the Govt. of Canada

Map the Govt. of Canada

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Map the organizational structure of any department in the Government of Canada, and then draw linkages between them to illustrate the flow of ideas, consultations, money, data or anything else that comes to mind. Reduce duplication and identify gaps as you quickly see your ideas unfold in the context of the entire departmental or interdepartmental structures.

Key Features:

  • See any department in the Government of Canada
  • Three layout options to choose from
  • Link to divisions, branches or individual directors
  • Highlight critical teams with special colours

How to Connect:

Once you connect the app, it will appear in the app-picker in the left-hand menu of your Board. Click it to activate the menu. Choose the department to draw, and the layout to use, and click the Draw button!

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About the developer

William Wolfe-Wylie

North America

Former newsroom code/data nerd, become open data nerd at the Government of Canada


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