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Field for Miro enables product people to level up collaborative product strategy sessions and collaborate on concept-maps (Fields) in Miro boards. As a Field user, you can embed maps, edit them in Miro and sync any updates made in Miro. Use Field to ask your product team and stakeholders inspiring questions. Gather distributed input and knowledge that informs your product strategy. Imagine having this input neatly organized. In Field, input automatically lands in the right place. Synchronize to Miro and run a collaborative product strategy session like never before.

Key Features:

  • Share any maps created in Field on Miro boards
  • Sync updates made in Field to Miro, so stakeholders can always see the latest
  • Sync updates made in Miro to update your maps in Field and summarize your strategy session through compelling visualizations

How to Install:

  • Install app to any Miro team
  • Create a map in Field
  • From your Miro board, access the Field for Miro app
  • Select your workspace and the recently created map
  • Click import to display the map as a new frame in the Miro board
  • Use the Field for Miro app to sync the new frame which is “linked” to Field

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