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Introducing Easy QR for Miro, your go-to plugin for elevating collaboration. Unlock the power of personalised QR codes seamlessly within Miro boards. With Easy QR, not only can you generate QR codes instantly, but you also have the creative freedom to add logos, tailor colors, shapes, patterns, and control quality. Enhance your visual communication, streamline workflows, and leave a lasting impression—all in one easy-to-use tool. Revolutionise the way you share information on Miro with Easy QR, where customisation meets collaboration.

*Please note that some features are only available in the PRO version of the app, this can be purchased here.

Key Features (Basic)

  • Create QR codes from any text or URL and add them to your Miro boards.

Key Features (PRO)

  • Instant QR Code Generation: Quickly create QR codes directly within Miro boards, enhancing efficiency in information sharing.
  • Logo Integration: Personalize QR codes by seamlessly adding logos, fostering brand identity and recognition.
  • Color Customization: Tailor the colors of your QR codes to match your brand or design preferences for a cohesive visual experience.
  • Shape Modification: Enjoy creative freedom by customizing the shapes of your QR codes, making them stand out in collaborative spaces.
  • Pattern Options: Choose from a variety of patterns to enhance the visual appeal of your QR codes, ensuring they capture attention.
  • Quality Control: Adjust the quality of your QR codes to balance visual aesthetics with optimal scanning performance.

How to connect

Install the app from Miro Marketplace, simple QR generation is freely available, to unlock the full features a licence is needed

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