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Discover the power of the Easy Math Plugin for Miro—a game-changer in formula input and mathematical collaboration. This innovative tool features a user-friendly keyboard equipped with commonly used operators, ensuring effortless integration of complex equations into your Miro boards. What sets Easy Math apart is the ability to customize SVG colors, adding a personal touch to your mathematical expressions and enhancing visual clarity. Elevate your teamwork, streamline workflows, and bring a new level of precision to your Miro experience with Easy Math Plugin.

*Please note this app comes with a 7-day free trial. Try it out and experience the benefits of seamless mathematical formulas' integration within Miro here.

Key Features

  • Type mathematical formulas using our smart keyboard
  • Change the formula color as needed
  • Preview the generated SVG before insertion
  • Very intuitive and user friendly
  • Contact support in one click

How to connect

Simply install the app from Miro Marketplace, the app has a 7 days trial

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