The online whiteboard for easy collaboration

Miro is a fast, free, and simple-to-use digital whiteboard built to help you collaborate with others any time, anywhere.

35M+ users trust Miro worldwide

Whether your teams are colocated, distributed, or fully remote, Miro provides an engaging, intuitive experience with multiple options for real-time and asynchronous teamwork on an online whiteboard.

How to use the Miro
online whiteboard

Better than your average whiteboard, Miro is an infinite canvas that helps you ideate, strategize, get organized, and work with your team.
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Get started in seconds
Simply sign up for free to get your first boards started. Try drawing, and discover the features that make Miro stand out, like sticky notes, digital markers, and shapes.
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Use templates to set up your board
You can kick off a project even faster by selecting one of Miro’s many pre-built templates. From business model canvases and user story maps, to fishbone diagrams, mind maps and more, templates provide an easy way to get your team ideating and collaborating.

Collaboration with your team

Invite users to your board to brainstorm, take notes, and track
projects. Use video conference, screen sharing, and
presentation mode to run engaging meetings. Miro is lightning fast, making it easy for many people to work all once.
Collaboration with your team video call
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Integrate seamlessly with other tools
Need to sync your board with another tool? Miro offers multiple software integrations with apps like JIRA, Trello, Zoom, Slack, and many more. It's sure to make it a cinch to centralize all the moving parts of your next project.
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Add images and files
Keep all your resources connected to your board by embedding documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs with a few simple clicks. Add images anywhere via upload or drag-and-drop.

Digitize handwritten sticky notes

Sometimes you just need to brainstorm on a physical whiteboard. But when you need to share ideas with coworkers online, it’s time consuming and painful to transcribe your ideas into a digital format. With Stickies Capture you can snap a photo of your whiteboard, and instantly convert it into editable digital sticky notes in Miro.
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Everything you need to
collaborate online

Miro’s infinite canvas gives you the freedom to choose how you use it to work with your team. Whether you’re hosting a digital brainstorm, documenting a meeting, teaching a class, or managing an agile workflow, the possibilities for collaboration are endless.
Ideate with your team in real time or asynchronously.
Create a strategy, set OKRs, and roadmap your work.
Host retrospectives and reevaluate work often.
Go from brilliant idea to finished product with ease.
Create resources, lead a class, and give assignments.
Engage during meetings and collaborate in real time.

Get started with a template

Not sure how to set up your online whiteboard? Browse Miro’s pre-built templates. You can choose from ready-to-use maps, diagrams, project tools, kanbans, activities, and more – or create a custom template yourself and save it for handy access.