Track user activity including Boards accessed, shared, and created per user, all within Zylo. Miro admins can set this integration up in their Zylo account to provide their employees with easy access to the SaaS applications that make them effective while controlling SaaS-based risks and costs. With proven expertise and the largest collection of data on SaaS inventory, utilization, and optimization, Zylo continues to innovate and lead SaaS Management thanks to our team of customer-obsessed innovators.

Key features and use cases:

  • Discover all SaaS applications and spend: Find and monitor all usage and spend for IT managed and Shadow IT SaaS applications in a centralized platform.
  • Optimize and rightsize SaaS licenses and features: Identify ways to optimize SaaS spend from redundant applications and inactive users.
  • Forecast and proactively plan SaaS renewals: Proactively manage SaaS renewals and forecast future SaaS spend with data-driven insights.
  • Empower a distributed workforce with optimized, compliant self-service SaaS: Provide the right level of visibility and control across the organization to accurately manage all SaaS applications.

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