By using Miro and Viio integration companies can enhance their visibility in the following: - Discover Shadow IT - if any of your employees are using Miro in a free plan while they can use the licensed version, Viio will discover that and let you know - Discovering unutilised licenses has never been easier - Adding new users or off-boarding ones that are no longer in your organisation with 1-click - Performing powerful overlap analysis with other meeting softwares and facilitating cross team alignment - Never forgetting a renewal and assigning ownership of Saas applications

Key Features:

  • Automate discovery of all your SaaS costs, usage and license waste
  • Leverage our procurement specialists to optimize your IT budget
  • Streamline the process end-to-end and get rid of all mundane tasks in IT, Procurement and Finance

How to Connect:

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PaidAdmin, security, user management


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