Slab is the knowledge base that powers your team's best work.

Most internal tools are frustrating to use — not to mention an eyesore — and quickly grow stale. Not Slab. In Slab, your content looks good by default and we make it easy for anyone to contribute. Unified search allows your team to find what they need, exactly when they need it, across all your integrated tools — in one dedicated place.

Your team's whiteboarding shouldn't have to be separate from your documentation. With Miro embeds in Slab posts, you can store your ideas alongside your knowledge! These embeds appear instantly and will update live, keeping your knowledge completely up-to-date.

Key features:

  • Live Embed: Bring your visual collaboration into your team's knowledge base with live Miro embeds.

How to use Slab's Miro integration:

Within a Slab post, paste in a link to a Miro board to get an instant, live preview. No further setup required! Get started here.

For more help setting up the integration, get in touch with our support team.


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