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Create content easier with sequences and rules. In version 1.0.0 there are two modes namely sequencer and split.

Sequencer allows you to generate certain Items (e.g. Sticky Note, Text) based on some rules. Supply a start value and specify an increment and how many items you want. The sequencer will create the amount of items specified by `count` with the content specified in `formula`, where `$i` is replaced with the current index

Split allows you to split the text of a given item (e.g. Sticky Note, Text) at a delimiter of your choice. You may also choose the type of the newly created items

The plugin currently supports the following item types:

  • Sticky Note
  • Text
  • Shape (Rectangle only)
  • Frame (Sets the frame title)
  • Card

We will add more item types, as soon as they are supported by the Miro Web SDK

Key Features:

  • Create content (i.e. Stickies, Texts, Shapes, ...) in sequence with full control on how many items are being generated
  • Split content (i.e. Stickies, Texts, Shapes) into multiple items based on easy to define rules

How to Connect:

Install the Sequencer app from the Miro Marketplace. Open the app from the sidebar and you are good to go. No more actions needed than that.

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