Scenario Hunting

Scenario Hunting

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Scenario Hunting is an incremental process that helps software developers and designers break down their software models into behavioral test scenarios, and these scenarios into code, as quickly as possible. Doing so not only accelerates the development process but also shortens the feedback loop between modeling hypotheses and their integrability with the actual implementation. This approach ensures early detection of issues, enhances collaboration among team members, and improves the overall quality of the software.

Key Features

  • Template Studio: For designing test templates
  • Step Picker: For hunting for test scenarios.

How to connect

  • Search for "Scenario Hunting" on the board or Marketplace
  • Select "Connect" and follow the installation steps

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About the developer

Mohsen Bazmi

United States

13+ years experienced polyglot software engineer adept in architecting, designing, implementing, and testing software. Passionate DDD, TDD, BDD, and Agile software development practitioner. Possessing a demonstrated history of aptitude to lead with intellectual curiosity, striving for excellence, briskly adopt new programming languages and frameworks, proactively push to solve problems, designing presentations, and sharing knowledge with teammates.


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