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Use Qiqo Pro to create splash pages for your Zoom meetings. On each page, you can include your logo, background images/video, and collaborative tools like Miro. You won't need to share links in Zoom chat anymore. Spin up new Miro boards and clone Google Docs on the fly. Meeting participants can return to the event space even after the meeting has ended to see Miro boards, notes, and recordings.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with both Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Make your meetings more fun & productive
  • Easy for participants to find your Miro board from their calendar

How to Connect:

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About the developer

Qiqo Inc

North America

Your Digital Corner Office. Decorate your existing Zoom (or Microsoft Teams) account with your custom space. Add Miro and any other tool you need to make the meeting remarkably productive.


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