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PowerPack supercharges your Miro abilities with countless powertool combinations- helping you auto-generate, bulk-fill, sort, size, color and arrange items, and more. Join PowerPack on its mission to save a billion Miro clicks, while amplifying your Miro creativity, productivity and enjoyment. 

With just a few clicks you can make a full rainbow of sticky notes, fill them with the months of the year and arrange them in a circle. Or use the lorem-ipsum generator to fill in web mockups, use the series tool before a workshop to number stickies 1 - 100. With PowerPack you can fill many items with a word or phrase or clear them of text entirely. You can sort items by color, size or type.

Key Features:

  • Text Tools: Insert sample text. Lorem ipsum, Date & Time, Split text into separate items, clear or fill many Items at once
  • Jargon generator: Create entertaining random jargon from the fields of: Business, Tech, NGO, UX / Design Thinking
  • Series: Add a list of commonly used series to your board like: Alphabets, hours, days, months, number sequences
  • Geometry: explicitly adjust scale, position and location of many items; Arrange Items in a circle; Aim (rotate) items at a target
  • Order: Organize items on your board by size, color, text or type.
  • Colors: Color palettes: save important and useful color palettes with unlimited colors. Gradients: ...because so much is on a spectrum, right? Create spectrums of colors with unlimited color stops.

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North America

Visual and relational thinking tools for Miro. When we realized Miro allows us visual thinkers to create our own plugins... we decided to start a company to do just that... To help the world think better by creating better tools. So, plugin by plugin, working with visionary Miro users, we aspire to help the world think more brilliantly.


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