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Instead of copy-pasting between ChatGPT and Miro, generate stickies directly on your board. Through the power of GPT-4, you can now use natural language to interact with your stickies. Just select your sticky notes and give instructions what to do with them.

Run instructions to support simple use cases like translating, extending and summarizing stickies. Extend your instructions to help with complex use cases like creating a starting point for a Business Model Canvas or a Zwicky Box. Freely explore which of your daily business on Miro benefits from the AI-magic of GPT. Build a prompt library with your ideas and apply saved instructions to stickies on all your boards.

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Developing Open GPT for Miro: Bringing the power of ChatGPT to your board

Note: You need to provide your own OpenAI API key to use the app. You can get an OpenAi key for GPT-3.5 for free. If you have a "plus" subscription you may use GPT-4.

Key Features:

  • Run instructions on sticky notes like translation, summary and many more
  • Use OpenAI GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 language model
  • Save and load instructions in your own prompt library
  • Configure model temperature and prompt language

How to Connect:

  • Install Open GPT for Miro from the marketplace
  • Start the app from the sidebar icon "More apps"
  • Enter your OpenAI API key when greeted by the welcome screen
  • The app checks if the API key is valid and if GPT-4 is available
  • Open GPT for Miro opens in a side panel ready to run your instruction

Helpful Links:

Introduction to "GPT for Miro"
Translate a sticky-note
Saving and loading instructions
Identify main ideas
Reference color of the sticky

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