by Livestorm

You can use Miro whiteboards during your Livestorm meetings and webinars. Miro is integrated directly into the app, making it a breeze to present and collaborate with your teammates.

Launch Livestorm directly in your browser and connect to Miro right from the webinar room. Distributed teams can brainstorm in real-time during team meetings. And guest speakers for webinars can log into Miro without having to make a Miro account. 

Key features and use cases:

  • Cursor tracking lets you see where your teammates are in Miro, making it easy to work together during Livestorm webinars. 
  • Attention management features bring everyone on the team to what you're working on. This movement is picked up by Livestorm recordings.
  • Take notes and share on the board, host team workshops, and organize your brainstorming sessions with digital sticky notes.

How to enable:

You can connect to Miro directly from the Livestorm webinar room. Launch Livestorm directly from your browser.

Once in the webinar room click on Actions > Share a whiteboard to launch a Miro whiteboard directly in your presentation. 

Then you can either create a new board without an account, or sign in to your Miro account to create a new board or use existing boards.

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