Coda (Miro Embed)

Coda (Miro Embed)

Coda (Miro Embed)

by Coda

Coda is a collaborative all-in-one doc that brings the best parts of documents, spreadsheets, and modern work apps into one unified experience. 

With Coda, you can manage anything ー from your team meetings and tasks, to critical business processes that keep your company on track. And now with integrated Miro embeds, you can bring a powerful collaborative whiteboard into the Coda canvas.

Key Features:

  • Type /miro in Coda to add a live, editable Miro board to your document.
  • Embed public or private Miro boards anywhere inside a Coda doc and watch it unfurl alongside your plans, specs, and to dos.
  • Make live updates to embedded Miro boards ー so your team brainstorm, notes, and assignments can live in the same place.

Miro embeds are available for free in Coda ー just head to to get started


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