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Design thinking and strategizing can be messy- and that's kind of why it works. But sometimes a swarm of sticky notes leaves you feeling... stuck.

Clusterizer helps you organize your sticky mess. The app automatically affinity-clusters your tagged stickies and cards.

Affinity-clusterizing with Clusterizer will help you locate like with like - revealing your underlying concept network. Think of it as reverse mind mapping.

Key Features:

  • Clusterizer automatically affinity-clusters your tagged stickies and cards
  • The app builds replicas of your tagged items, leaving originals un-changed
  • The app live-updates on any new board selection allowing you to sample and build various alternative affinity networks
  • Filters any non-tagged items, no need to pre-filter
  • Can handle hundreds of items

Use cases:

  • Garner insight after brainstorms
  • Identify common ground, or islands of differing opinions
  • Plan conversations with overlapping topics with varying combinations of stakeholders
  • Visualize collaboration: organize a tangle of tasks each with varying combinations of contributors

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