Miro, Meet Betafi - Your new user research buddy

With Betafi, doing user interviews and usability tests remotely is a breeze - as you can interact with participants, take timestamped notes and tag insights - all on Betafi.

You can also import notes captured in Betafi into Miro with a click. So, you waste no time in kick-starting the synthesis.

Key Features:

Say goodbye to creating stickies one at a time. Betafi brings all your notes into Miro in one click.

  • All your notes and tags are imported along with timestamp
  • Revisit the call recording to recall the story behind a note
  • Embed video clips in Miro to rewatch ‘Aha’ moments

How to Connect:

Connect your Miro account with Betafi (Required only once):

  • Open your “Profile” in Betafi
  • Go to “Integrations” tab
  • Click on “Link Miro”
  • Log into Miro and click on “Install”. You may be asked to select a Team.

How to import notes to Miro after your account is connected to Betafi:

  • Open the Project whose notes you want to import
  • Click on “Export” and then “Start Export” next to Miro
  • Select a Miro board

All your notes are now in Miro. So, start finding insights without any further ado.

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