Async work feels like together-work with Miro recordings

Miro Talktrack — record interactive video and audio walkthroughs of your Miro board to bring emotion, subtext, and nuance to your creations. Your recording is embedded and played right on the board.

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It’s like you’re in the same room, but better

Talktracks are tied to the board so viewers can reposition the video on the canvas, add comments & sticky notes, and view past recordings, all in one place.

Communicate where you collaborate

While your embedded recording plays, viewers can directly edit and interact with the board content, working with context delivered in your voice and inflection.

Take them on an immersive journey

The playback experience deepens understanding, and viewers can follow you on the board and click on things, like documents and cards, for more details.

Work smarter with board recordings

Meeting pre-work

Get the team aligned before the meeting for faster decisions & outcomes.

Async updates and feedback

Exchange status updates and feedback on your own time.

Recorded presentations

Impress & captivate with an immersive async presentation experience.

Workshop preparation

Warm up workshop participants ahead of the session with a guided exercise.

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Miro offers you more than just recordings

Dive into other ways you can use Miro with Talktrack to redefine the art of collaboration.

Meetings and Workshops

Bring meetings and workshops online in a big way.

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Give better presentations and visually communicate your ideas, projects, and everything you need.

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Hybrid work

Experience seamless collaboration, no matter when or where you work, in Miro.

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Strategy and Planning

Run engaging remote planning sessions, create presentations, and track progress collaboratively.

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Supercharge your Agile practices through remote Product Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Plannings, and Retrospectives.

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Project Management

Manage complex projects — and their stakeholders — with confidence. Create process alignment and shared understanding between cross-functional teams.

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How to start with Talktrack?


Start recording

Access the recording panel via the Talktrack icon in your Miro toolbar and start recording with audio, video or both.


Walk through your board

While recording, you can talk over your content by panning through your board or using presentation mode to step through your slides.


Share your Talktrack

Get a direct link to your Talktrack via the Talktrack library and share it with viewers and collaborators for quick access.

Talktrack FAQs

Is Talktrack like a screen recorder?

Talktrack is a board recorder, not a screen recorder or screen recording software, which means what you record are your actions on the Miro board. You use your camera to record a video of yourself that embeds directly on the recorded board. This allows the viewer to pause the recording and then edit or interact with the board directly, which makes for a much more efficient workflow when collaborating with others on the board.

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