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Build Miro's core product in Yerevan

Miro is more than just a whiteboard. It's an infinite canvas where every voice is recognized and opinions stand out. Our platform helps over 50 million global users and 99% of the Fortune 100 work effectively together, from running brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects, designing new products and services, and facilitating Agile ceremonies. Yerevan is home to Miro's Core Product Foundation stream. This stream is focused on building the internal platform that enables other Engineering streams to develop the end-user experience.

At Miro, our time is now.At Miro, our time is now.

What we're working on

Business Logic
Responsible for our key product domains such as users, teams, organisations, permission sets, and overall entities interconnection within the product. This team enables smooth and consistent behaviour of the product.
Board Server
This team is building our collaboration engine, providing an ecosystem for collaboration applications that include the key capabilities of the product.
Canvas Engine
Responsible for the heart of our system, including whiteboard components and the frameworks for building visuals on top of it. Deeply focused on performance (FPS, loading time) and unlocking new content management mechanics.

Miro's Yerevan hub

Yerevan is our youngest hub, but over 100 Mironeers already call it home. Our office is a six-story building on Armenak Armenakyan with private parking available. At Miro, we believe that a flexible mix of in-person and remote co-creation works best for everyone. For this reason, we remain committed to a hub-centric, hybrid working model.

 • Access to cutting-edge technology and tools • Opportunities for growth and advancement • A collaborative and dynamic work environment • Competitive compensation and benefits

Hear from the Mironeers

“I like the inclusive and collaborative culture at Miro, I never feel lost or left alone when I face any issues, as I always have colleagues whom I can reach out to without any hesitation and they are always eager to help!”
Software Engineer
“Working at Miro is very exciting because I am part of the Canvas Engine team, which provides our customers a smooth and flexible user experience. I see a lot of new challenges to solve as an Engineering Manager.”
Matevos, Sr. Engineering Manager
“Working at Miro means working on the product that makes teams all over the world closer. We sense it every day in our own team, and it is really exciting.”
Olga, Engineering Manager
miro yerevanmiro yerevan
miro yerevanmiro yerevan

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