Miro Trust Center

Millions of the world’s most talented makers do their best co-creation in Miro. We take security as seriously as we do collaboration, providing enterprise-grade solutions so you and your creations are safe.


We build Miro with global security standards in mind, offering enterprise-grade security across all aspects of how teams collaborate, ideate, and store their work.

Privacy & Governance

Miro’s policies, tools, and procedures are built to protect your data and help you meet global privacy obligations.


We comply with leading global regulations like the GDPR and CCPA and always keep up with the latest regulations and requirements.


You can review the standard Terms of Service for all Miro users.

AI Principles

We aim to deliver AI that uses transparent models, builds trust, preserves human control, and promotes fairness and equity.

Any questions?

We have a team dedicated to answering all of your privacy and security questions.