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Market Positioning Template

Define your product’s strategic market positioning.

About the Market Positioning Template

Market Positioning is a strategic exercise that helps you establish where your company’s product fits in the market, what makes it special compared to similar products, and why your customers should consider your product or service. 

Typically, a positioning statement is structured as follows: “for [target customer], who [statement of need], [product name] is a [product category] that provides [statement of the most important benefit]. Unlike [competitors], [product name] is [unique value proposition].”

Well-defined Market Positioning enables every team in your organization to align with your shared mission. Careful positioning can also inform future product decisions. 

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What is Market Positioning

Market Positioning is messaging that communicates what makes your product unique, especially in comparison to similar alternatives. 

Market Positioning works across your organization by allowing your team to form a go-to-marketing plan, build a solid foundation for content created by your marketing and communications teams, and inform how your sales teams talk to potential customers. 

When to use Market Positioning

Market Positioning can help product managers and marketers:

  • Define what differentiates your product from competitors

  • Explain your product’s value proposition to your customers

  • Identify your customer needs, and how your product meets them

  • Determine how you want your product to be known in your industry

  • Offer guidance on how to craft your brand messaging and product marketing

Your positioning statement is a key part of your marketing plan and helps you and your team positively communicate your product's value. 

Create your own Market Positioning statement

Making your own Market Positioning framework is easy. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share it. Get started by selecting the Market Positioning Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Understand who your customers are. Get your product management and product marketing teams together to work on this Board, and revisit (or consider generating) any data or insights related to problems they’re trying to solve. Some useful starting points may include a Customer Journey Map, Customer Problem Statements, and Buyer Personas

  2. Understand your market. Revisit (or consider conducting) any Competitive Analyses to get a sense of the competitive landscape, articulate your product’s strengths and weaknesses, and compare your pricing strategy with your competitors’. 

  3. Assess your product. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with a SWOT analysis

  4. Create a positioning statement. Fill in the blanks: “for [target customer], who [statement of need], [product name] is a [product category] that provides [statement of the most important benefit]. Unlike [competitors], [product name] is [unique value proposition].” You can use Cards on your Miro Board to keep this front of mind as you build your positioning map. 

  5. Position your brand on the quadrant. On a sticky note, add the name of your product or service. By default, the Board says “High Quality/Low Quality” and “High Price/Low Price” but you can edit those labels to suit your own needs. 

  6. Position your competitors on the quadrant. Edit – or add! – any other sticky notes on the Board to represent your industry competitors. Move each competitor to the quadrant area representing how they’re perceived relative to your product. 

  7. Revisit and review your Market Positioning as your brand identity evolves. Market Positioning doesn’t have to be a one-and-done initiative. Rather, it’s something that changes over time in response to customer needs. Schedule reminders with your team to revisit and review this Board as needed. 

Market Positioning Template

Market Positioning Template

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