Sketch plugin for Miro.
Discuss designs and get feedback in real time.

Let your remote team collaborate on Sketch artboards — you can synchronize them
with Miro to keep your team on the same page.

Make the design process engaging
with Miro Sketch plugin

Jessica Tom
Set up one-stop shopping for your design discussions
Import artboards from Sketch to get quick feedback from any member of
your product team without the need to constantly switch between apps.
All changes made in Sketch are instantly
displayed in Miro
Create artboards in Sketch. Afterwards, click Sync to display all changes that
were made in Miro to let your team stay informed and up-to date.
Jessica Tom
Speak the same visual language
with your teammates
The online whiteboard allows you allows you to visually and interactively your
Sketch workflows and design discussions with your team.
Over 3,000,000 project leaders, UX designers,
lean and agile specialists, product managers trust us worldwide
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