Vital Meetings

As founders of Hugo and leaders in the meetings space, we set out to understand what is it about how leading teams like Atlassian, Amazon, and Slack run their meetings?

We set out to identify the trends amongst thousands of teams and collate meeting best practice into a simple framework we called Vital Meetings – a 15 minute read that guarantees faster, shorter, better meetings.

Vital is based on four core principles: 

  1. Meeting scarcity over meeting abundance

  2. Thoughtful scheduling over broad invitations

  3. Active discussion over mind-numbing presentation

  4. Freely sharing over knowledge silos

This board represents how we run our meetings alongside the Vital framework. The steps and information that should be captured before, during, and after every meeting, to turn meetings into a force for alignment and team success – rather than an expensive time-suck that we all dread.


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Darren Chait
Hugo is the team meeting notes platform enabling thousands of fast-moving teams through ’s to set shared meeting agendas, share collaborative meeting notes, and index and organize everything about your meeting based on who attended. Instead of meeting knowledge being scattered between people, tools, and their own solutions, Hugo is the central place for this critical information.

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