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Valueberg (Value understanding and proposition)

Valueberg (value iceberg) is a comprehensive yet straightforward approach for structuring your value thinking. When formulating your value proposition, you have to think about multiple essential dimensions, like client physical, emotional, and monetary value your offering can deliver. There is value to the brand, the environment, and other dimensions important for your company. The templates give you a framework to rethink and document all of these value dimensions.

Moreover, before you get to your value proposition, you have to have a holistic view of the needs you are addressing. There are, of course, the client's needs (what they say, what they do, what they feel). But there are also other observations you can consider - what do you notice from the environment, what have you found out in research, etc. The template allows you to structure these observations too.


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Zane Segruma
Growth and Value Thinker in love with Service Design
I'm an IT field professional with a background in product development, management, and Agile. WHY and WHAT ELSE are two questions constantly bouncing through my mind.

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