The Brocken Spectre


What is it? šŸŽ²

This is a simple DesignOps attempt to push the boundaries of our imagination and rationalize the essential steps required when it comes to developing new ways to increase understanding, framing the problem, and where useful to apply gamification techniques to legal content.

How do you use it? šŸ“

  • Align yourself to the project and start by filling section 1 with your stick notes

  • Frame the problem in section 2 following the 4Cs analysis filling with your stick notes and connections

  • Apply your spectre in a full brainstorming environment in line with our empathy map and design thinking process

What is the end goal? šŸŽÆ

To understand if after this process, the user is more aligned, conscious and aware of their project with the aim to address, in practice, if gamification techniques can be useful in mitigating any tension between user needs and other frictions.


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