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Ted Lasso Retrospective

Looking for a spark in your team during a Retrospective? And do you notice the tiredness of your team answering the same questions every time?

Then this Ted Lasso Retrospective template might be exactly what you are looking for - not only is Ted Lasso a perfect example for leadership, but some of the things he says might help trigger new thoughts and ideas for your team during a Retrospective.

The Retrospective will cover a warm-up exercise in which you can find out more about your team members and then continue with thought-provoking quotes from the Ted Lasso series. You and your team will be able to reflect on what you really would like to forget as quickly as possible, in which areas you would like to show up more as a team, where you can use the magic of asking questions more, and you will also be able to generate new learnings you have made.

Out of the insights collected, you will be able to decide what you want to improve next with your team before concluding the Retrospective with some feedback gathering and finding out if what you talked about in the Retrospective mattered to the team.

Have fun with it and, more importantly, good luck improving your team!


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