Swimlane Diagram - Idea Pathfinder


Use a Swimlane Digram as an Idea Pathfinder Tool

Before we come to the product idea, we start with different observations.

The Observations  

Depending on your environment, there are different approaches and touchpoints to existing technologies. And yes, your environment is not the trailing one, and vice versa other people's environments do not have the advantages of your digital normal.

The Digital Normal

Let's assume that we have access via mobile device to the internet.


Barriers In our example, telecommunications providers are not the barrier. Okay, in rural environments, network coverage is inadequate. Instead of 4G, 3G connections are partly used in some cases.

Minimal Valuable Product (MVP)

In case an idea seems to be feasible, build a prototype for further exploration.

⓵ Start with observations about the lanes of Technology, Customers and Market environmentCollect your answers along with the questions ⓶③③⓸  

⓶ What has developed in the last 36 months and is already being used?"

③ What developments will accompany us privately and professionally in the next 60 months?"

⓸ What is the one thing that would improve your life, work, communication with others?"

Check your potential improvement in each lane with question ⓹. 

⓹ What can help to implement an idea faster, what can slow down the implementation of an idea?    

Use the color dots to indicate acceleration (green), deceleration (red), and intensity. As an alternative to using the colored dots, colored comments invite the exchange of ideas.

Please find additional tips in the note section in the right top corner of the board, and take a look at the MVP Experiment Canvas by Bram Kanstein


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