Software Engineer CV / Resume


Software Engineer CV / Resume Template

My CV that was used during my application process, hopefully it will get you going with yours!

I tried to keep it 2 pages max and I recommend keeping to that rule, beyound that you might fall a victim to information fatigue on behalf of the recepient party.

Edit the information in place, remove/ add parts you see necessary, feel mainly inspired, but not confined by the current format.

Invite others to collaborate and give feedback — use the power of Miro to your advantage.

Good luck with your application, it can take a few rounds to get in the position you want, but if you made it this far — you'll get all the way there! 😉


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Ilya Pimenov
Staff Software Engineer@Miro
I am Software Engineer residing in Amsterdam with 18 years of professional experience starting all the way back at Sun Microsystems (woah 😅). I worked as a people manager at bigger companies like eBay, as CTO at a venture backed startups of under 30 people and as a freelance consultant. I am predominantly proficient in backends in the stacks of Go, Java, Kotlin and Node.JS, yet have a broad expose to all kind of platforms, from mobile, to web and embedded.

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