Remote Congratulations (Fortune Cookies)


What is the template about

Being a fully decentralized team, we faced an acute lack of communication with each other. This negative feeling was especially aggravated during the most important moments for our colleagues - the days of holidays, solemn events, etc. To solve this problem, we have created a second special template for celebrations, which allows you to brightly and originally congratulate people dear to us on their birthday (see our first template for online congratulations). Today, we use this frame very actively and widely, and thanks to it, we don’t feel longing for the office and offline interaction any more.

This template for our team is more than a set of shapes: it allows us to create an experience that is more engaging and more powerful than offline.

When to use it

This template can be used in any situation when you are too far from each other and do not have the opportunity to personally congratulate each other on holidays that are important to you (in particular, to congratulate your colleagues on their birthdays, but you can change the holiday to the one that is relevant to you).

In addition to congratulatory cases, this template can be used as an independent warm-up exercise or as a team status (it can be duplicated according to the number of participants, so that everyone can form their own, comic natal chart from good wishes and warm predictions).

Why to use our template

This template can be:

  • your way of maintaining interconnectedness and warm relationships with each other

  • your opportunity to escape from the work routine, share vivid emotions or an interesting online experience

  • the first step to create a strong decentralized culture, its own intra-team principles, traditions and rituals

Moreover, thanks to the built-in mechanics of the early and anonymous posting of wishes, this template allows the authors of wishes to freely express their emotions and feelings towards the recipient of messages, without fear that they will be criticized or have any questions with sides of other colleagues. This creates a special level of comfort in which users do not feel awkward.

Who might benefit from it

This template can be used both for intra-team corporate events (for instance, congratulations), and for workshops/meetings with clients, users, loved ones, etc. Feel free to give it a more intimate, custom feel with additional décor elements, emojis, memes, etc.


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We are Mode. We specialize in strategic facilitation of decentralized teams. We know how important it is for teams to work in close collaboration with each other. We know how difficult it is to achieve this goal when people in a team are geographically far from each other. We are focused on ensuring your team creates solutions that will inspire them at each stage of implementation. Our key task is the performance of your team in full collaboration and synchronization with each other.

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